Angry Snakes

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Angry Snakes is a fun .io game at gogy unblocked online games. Control and extremely angry looking snake! You can choose from a variety of different colours and all the snakes have one thing in common – 'angry faces'. Similar to the gameplay in, your mission is to collect the glowing dots that are scattered around the map. Attempt to eat as much food as possible to gain points and to top the leaderboards. Enjoy!


The game has simple graphics, bright colors and is suitable for children of all ages. At the first game, you have to enter your name and press start. Then, use the mouse and move your character to eat all the dots. In the map there will be dots at gogy school Games, this is the food for you. If you eat all the dots and avoid your enemies, you will get high score and win in this game. 


Especially, this game is the competition of the players. If you touch the body of another snake, you will die. If heads both snakes touch each other, they both die. The more snake you eat, the bigger the snake. Please avoid other snake, if no you will lose game. Therefore, to destroy other snakes, you have to cross their path and make them crash into you and you can collect their remains and grow even larger. 


In additions, the bigger you become, the easier it is to surround your enemies and destroy them! Besides, you can also use a speed boost but this boost will decreases your mass! You have to active and careful in the course of the game. Good luck!


I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game such as Slither Birds Comment and rate them!



Use the mouse to move the snake and left click to boost speed

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