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Play GamePlay: is an epic massive spaceship battle game at  

Fleets shoot automatically: The only thing you've to do to get them close to the asteroids and to find the asteroids of proper colors, of course. These resources - At the bottom left corner are used to buy new fleets to your spaceship army, you see the cost of new fleet in meaning of resources. If you've got enough resources to buy new fleet press {1} and it will join other fleets immediately.


Enemies don't wait while you collect resources and develop your army, but they will try to attack you. And of couse, you can also attack the other players for the sake of resources and glory! To speed up and catch opponent's fleet, or to get away from bigger ones, use boost option 'Space button'. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible. Avoid taking damage at the same time otherwise the size of your fleet will decrease. 


In the game, if you get in a tight situation or want to sneak up on your enemies you can use the space bar to give your fleet a speed boost! Can you conquer the galaxy and reign as the largest starship fleet in  

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☆ Your spaceships attack automatically and you only need to control the flying direction

☆ Helpful minimap and navigator

☆ Nice explosion effect


How to play

  • Mouse - Control the spaceship's direction
  • Press {1} - Buy a new spaceship
  • Press Spacebar - Boost speed
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