Infected Wasteland

Rate: 95% | 4.8/5 (4 Player)


Infected Wasteland GamePlay:

Human-made monsters are really scary. The Infected Wasteland game at gogy new games will lead you into the world of monsters with special strength and combat abilities. The mutant monsters become a threat when they come to evil and have killed all the staff, scientists and troops in this special land.


No one can survive and the area has become an infected area for anyone healthy. Let's see how long you can survive in this fighting game against the mutant monsters. You are no stranger to movies about superheroes or mutants. Start a new story in this game and see how long you can stay in battle with monsters with different strengths.


This game really attracts players from all over the world to give them the opportunity to explore their power. update a lot of games about mutants and strange stories revolve around your life. You can start fighting now with your friends and complete all quests with the highest score. The speed of fast game loading will be one of your advantages along with your basic gaming tips in this game.


Do not miss the chance to win with your basic fighting skills in the fighting game as well as other exciting games constantly updated on the website such as Ghost Sniper and Uncontrolled Part. 1. If you lose, try to fight back from the beginning. Enjoy this special fighting game!



Arrows or WASD to move,

X to crouch,

Shift to run,

Space to jump,

L to lock or unlock cursor,

Move your mouse to aim,

The left mouse to shoot,

The right mouse to zoom,

Scroll mouse to scroll weapon,

R to reload,

G to throw grenade

P for pause

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