High Hills

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High Hills GamePlay:

The latest stunt game from Gogy kid games will bring you to the land of high hills and mountainous areas. Join High Hills to emerge in a fantastic stunt game in which you must try to perform some awesome stunts on the toughest and most dangerous terrains ever.

The main task is to perform as many stunts as possible, yet one of the crucial tips to make sure that you progress in the game is to keep the perfect balance. The players need to control the position of the car as it crosses the bumpy roads and steep hills. It's to prevent it from flipping, colliding and smashing on the rocks. The better the stunts, the more coins you will gain.

Check out the Leaderboard at the end of the game to see your position and scores as well! Also, make sure that you use the gained coins to purchase upgrades for your vehicle. These upgrades will make it easier to climb up the hills as they improve the car's capability. Since it's a 2D side-scrolling car stunt game, the players will experience the most elaborated gameplay and a fuel-based system for the cars.

Don't miss out on the four upgrade options at http://m.gogy2.xyz/ as well! As the races take place among the hills, enjoy the beautiful terrains and scenery during your drive! There are plenty of other racing and driving games available for free like Parking and Vehicles Simulator 2


Use the left mouse button or space bar to tilt the car.

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