Superheroes vs. Footballers

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Have you ever ... Have you ever imagined how a topknot of well-known  footballers in the top 100 would fare in hand-to-hand combat against a gang of iconic superheroes and they were the superheroes of their day—feared, respected, and seemingly invincible. Superheroes vs. Footballers is an awesome fighting game at gogy Games for kids online. During game, your goal is to take control of some of your favourite football players, utilize a series of punches and petrous. Move combos to defeat the other players. Have a good time!


Choose your favourite hero-like or player. Stridden into the arena today and prove that footballers can fight! The characters involved are great to play. Try to defeat your enemy. Have fun with this awesome fighting game. Much fun with Superheroes vs. Footballers at Gogy2


Amazing fighting game between famous superheroes include Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Iron Man, The Hulk, Lionel Messi ( Barcelona). Use your own fighting techniques and we need a new and powerful mode of attack, including a match between computers. Amazing fighting game between famous superheroes!


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The game in arcade mode or versus mode. 

You can invite your friends on one on one to have a blast online. 

Nice combos between Superheroes vs football players 


How to play?

WASD -Move

TYU - Punch

GHJ - Kick

Space bar - Special move

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