Car Girl Garage

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Car Girl Garage GamePlay:

Inherited a garage left by her grandfather so she is trying to restore the old garage to a place of glory like before. Can you help her complete this exciting quest? Join now on the game Car Girl Garage at Gogy2 games and repair the car. Follow the instructions of the game to earn money to win.

Please clean and clean this car to make it newer and complete a few steps to repair the interior as well as the outside. Earn yourself a high score through these quests. You don't need to do much, just follow the instructions of the game that you can conquer the challenge.

Repair every detail of the car the game requires, such as the top of the car. Can you confidently complete this challenge? Create a new car that can shoot in the garage and earn money in the next levels. Followed by buying a few more items such as refrigerators, sofas.

Essentials for this garage. Attached with further repair a variety of cars. Moreover, you will complete the car garage with enthusiasts. They look extremely clean and the most complete car garage ever.

Are you interested in this quest? Please focus and observe so that nothing is ignored. Creating a new extremely majestic garage that makes everyone amazed.

Inviting your friends to join the game Car Girl Garage at Gogy racing games is to become players with extremely great repair abilities. Develop an interesting game genre similar to another Light Speed Superhero Rescue Mission at

Control: Use mouse to complete all the given game missions.