Animal Tower

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (2 Player)


Animal Tower GamePlay:

Your online gaming world expands when you join the Animal Tower game at The animals fell and stacked to form a new tower. Players can complete the game with the highest score to win. If the animals collapsed, the game would be over. Be careful in the process of helping the animals land in this game. If the towers fall, you will have to start this game from the beginning.

A game is hard and the player needs to concentrate during the game. This special game space has attracted many game players from around the world to join after every stressful studying hour. What is the highest number of points you gain through the game? Each player will choose their own game space to relax and perfect. Share your play today at the Gogy2 game. Game tips for each player are different.

Therefore, you can share them with other players so that they also participate in this special online game space. Each challenge cannot stop you from completing this special game. Try to fight and win with the highest score today. Online game players around the world have topped the list of best players and you are also ready with this title if you know how to join the game and complete all challenges.

The animals will be delighted with the new pyramid they created on this new land. Some other similar online games are free for you to join such as Heroes Of Myths and King Rugni Tower Conquest. Get ready to relax in our great game space.

Game controls: Use the left mouse button to land the animals to a new position in this game

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