Amazon Adventures

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Amazon Adventures GamePlay:

The new trip will lead you to the Amazon war in the game Amazon Adventures at This journey will help you learn the skills to fight basic survival but not every game. Each fighting game will have different interesting points that you will recognize when joining that game. You need to move through different areas so that you can avoid enemies or fight to destroy them. Don't forget to collect all the spoils in this game to complete quests and improve your score. Surely you will be surprised by the appearance of new content that you have never seen anywhere.

Basic gaming tips can help you fight the best in this game. Get ready for all the challenges and complete your mission when joining this fighting game at GoGy 2 action games. We facilitate players around the world. Can you play the game in the most comfortable way? You will achieve different successes when participating in your games and bring to your friends one of the most exciting new games today.

The list of fighting games will be constantly updated. Don't forget the spoils you can collect when you join this game to improve your score and use them for the next battle. In addition, you can also update new games similar to this game in the list of favorite games such as La Rex and Heavy Combat Zombies. Start your secret journey and complete the mission today. New games will bring you the most amazing world you can hardly miss.

How to play: Use arrow keys and mouse to move and fight in this game

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