Wham O Slip N Slide

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Wham O Slip N Slide GamePlay:

An abandoned city is truly an exciting place to surf on a skateboard. You should not miss this experience along with Wham O Slip N Slide at gogy 2. You will feel so wonderful! This game is suitable for everyone and all ages. In this game, your mission is to transform into a good skateboarder, overcome the challenges on the road.


Put your little feet on the skateboard. Miracles are waiting for you. You should skateboard quickly, eat the gold coins on the road that you passed. Sounds easy right? But Wham O Slip N Slide at…Not just simple, It has a lot of challenges ahead. You have to jump if it is a car or obstacles appearing in the middle of the road. You have to bend down if the obstacle is high.


Notice a bit, it will be easier. A little ingenious, everything will pass. But obstacles on the road are numerous and dense, you should be more careful and agile. If you can not get past the cars, the barriers, the game will end. And remember to eat the coins on the way to reach the highest score. You are doing well, good luck!


Do not forget to invite your friends to participate in the game to have a relaxing moment in life, and have the most challenging experience ever. What's better with this fun game. Do you want to play similar games? there are many interesting games like Sunway Surf and Parkour 2.0 at http://m.gogy2.xyz/. It would be great, start with us now! It will attract you right from the first time. Go with us right away.


How to play?

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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