Vegetables Farm

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Vegetables Farm is a farm with many different vegetables. Players will join this game at You need to arrange the same vegetables and harvest them in large quantities. Don't leave any vegetables if you don't want to start leveling again. In addition, the game will have support items at more difficult levels so you can break down the little harvested vegetables and complete the level.

Surely this puzzle game is for online game players worldwide with all ages. You will understand how to join the game and draw your own gaming tips. We do not disturb players during the game. You are welcome to join your favorite game on the website. New stories are created based on your turn. Discover the space of the game and move the best way today at Gogy2 free online game. You are no longer bothered by any factor. Share with your friends this farm game that you can unlock hundreds of levels when you have free time.

The farm is always where you need to complete tasks from planting trees to nurturing and harvesting them. Harvesting is always important and you need to arrange the same vegetables into the warehouse. Therefore, be careful in this process. Use your game tips and intelligence to learn how to complete each part with the best ability.

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Left click on the position of the same vegetables you need to harvest in your part

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