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Play GamePlay: is a superb io game which is playable on Gogy 2 online play. Like most io games, the players will join others in a real-time setting and move together on the same map. As each controls an individual huge ball, the goal is to keep the ball intact while gathering the scores by defeating others.

In this title at, you must control a huge ball that rotates around an axis and your square – you must swing the ball to try and destroy the other players in the arena. The ball can rotate around an axis and you need to swing the ball to form a force so as to push it toward others. Aiming precisely will increase the scores gained by crashing into other players. 

For each gem that you collect the size of your knocking ball increases. As your ball increases in size, your rotation area increases so you must think carefully about how you move. Try and take out every other player and create the largest wrecking ball in existence!

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Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move

Use the mouse to control the ball

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