Trial and Terror

Rate: 75% | 3.8/5 (4 Player)


Trial and Terror GamePlay:

Trial and Terror is abstract minimalist puzzle game which is playable gogyo games for free. You have to control a small pixel square and your mission is to slide your little square to reach the end of each level without touching the enemies. Will you be able to beat 40 awesome levels?


Here at gogi com, you must navigate a small pixel square out of the game area without colliding with any obstacles. They all will challenge you, when you attemp to complete them. You use your reaction and planning skills to successfully escape from the puzzle. If you are unlucky enough to fail, you must start back at the start area for you to try again. See if you are good enough to complete all of the levels and master the game. Especially, you are free to play any level you want. Have a wonderful time!


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Use the arrow keys to move.

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