Sneak A Boo

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Sneak A Boo GamePlay:

There are many magic doors to explore in the game Sneak A Boo at Gogy unblocked games. Each level is equivalent to a different door that you need to pass. The important thing that you should pay attention to when participating in this game is to avoid enemies along the way and find the door to escape from the last enemy. Different levels have items on the way that you need to collect differently along with the unique obstacles. Do not let the enemy touch you.


You will be deducted from your accumulated points and turn back to the last position of each level. Therefore, the important thing in this game at gogy amazing games is to escape the obstacles safely. The different levels in the game will lead you to special paths that you can explore with your friends. Follow the steps to get the most accurate route.


In addition, this is one of the easy games that you can hardly ignore when exploring the world of Boo at The kids always love each level of passing in this game. How about you? Have you completed all the levels with the highest score? The paths to explore through other games are continuously updated at our website similar to this game like Super Plumber Run. Let's start the fun period of your taste today.



Use the arrow directions to move left or right, the space button to escalate or open the door to another floor.

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