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If you are a person who loves multiplayer games, I recommend that you don’t miss the chance to explore Punchface.io at Gogy – one of the most attractive and interesting multiplayer games in all times. When you participate in this game, you will have the opportunity to become a professional and talented boxer on the international arena.


You will have the opportunity to join many players from other countries in the world. You and the other players have the same goal, which is to survive as long as possible in battle. You will have 2 main missions to perform in this game. The first task for you is to collect the colored particles on the screen and get bigger. These color particles will appear everywhere and you have to move constantly and carefully on the screen. The more color particles you collect, the bigger you will become.


As you become bigger, you will have more energy to enter the battle at Gogy free games. In addition, you have another important mission to conquer this game. You must attack enemies and defeat them before you become a victim in battle. Use your powerful punches to defeat all opponents and attack continuously until they run out of energy in the game. You should watch carefully to avoid colliding with competitors who are larger than you because they can beat you at any time.


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Play the game with the mouse on the computer.

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