Battle for the Galaxy

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Battle for the Galaxy is a real-time space MMO game at Games of gogy where you play the role of a commander of an advanced army. In this awesome futuristic real time strategy game, discover and build on a new planet and protect it from invaders! Start training your army and prepare to wage war!


Beautiful 3D graphics, the gameplay features futuristic units and buildings. To start with, you must build your base, gather resources, expand your army. Participate in a strategic combat and wage war for supremacy at gogy kids Games. You can look to building an army and upgrading your tech, if you have created resource gathering structures 


Using the troops you build, attack your enemies and plunder their resources to earn medals. Build a variety of different troops to take on the enemy walls, defences and structures. E.g,grenadiers need cover and are perfect for shooting at defence turrets whereas standard foot soldiers can soak up damage. Continue to upgrade your buildings. Gather resources and create an impressive and varied army. Can you conquer the galaxy?


You can play alone, or form a clan with other players. Compete with other player-created teams to rule make to the leaderboard and prove dominance! Play more game Miocraft at! We’re working our best to update the game making it more exciting to play! Never get bored again. 



- Free-to-play MMO RTS game

- Outstanding art and visuals

- More than 20+ buildings to construct 

- Upgrade to turn just-survived base into a mighty planetary fortress

- Create Corporations with other players; unite to prevail against the others

- Take part in every imaginable kind of wars and get great prizes such as win the Leagues, Tournaments, duels and Raids!

- Complete daily challenges to earn awesome rewards

- Login daily and collect valuable bonuses.



  • Use mouse to navigate
  • LMB to Interact / Select
  • More controls and shortcuts are explained in the game tutorial
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