Money Movers Maker

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Money Movers Maker GamePlay:

Money Movers Maker is a special edition of the money movers game series and here you can create and share your own customized levels. The two brothers won the basketball match with guardians in the prison, but later on, they ran into trouble. They decided to escape from the prison because of the guardians who always disturb the two brothers.


Here at Gogy game kids, your aim is to steal the money and get the two brothers to the exit door without any hiccups. Both the two brothers should help each other on the way out of the prison. The little one is so agile, he can jump very well while the big one is stronger and he can do heavy things. Remember that a good plan should head off disaster! Thus, keep your eyes to observe surroundings and figure out what you need to do to take the money and get away quickly.


Be sure not to get caught by the guardians and CCTV cameras or you’ll lose the game! There are totally 20 challenging levels in the game. Each level is a step that the two brothers need to overcome to get closer to a free life. And completing the current step is the only way to go to the next step. Help them go to the end! Good luck and have fun!


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How to play?

The little character: AD to move; W to jump.

The big character: Left and right arrow to move; Up arrow to jump.

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