Flying Turtle

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Flying Turtle brings space to the sky with many challenges. This game at has attracted even the most demanding players. For the first time, you know how to move in the sky and make the turtle fly. Pay attention to the birds and the planes. If you collide with them, this game will end immediately. In addition, time is also one of the difficult factors that this game challenges players.

Collect the fastest clock before the time ends. What is the highest score you scored when participating in this game? Can you top the list? Game tips are gathered for this game so that players can explore a new journey without being defeated by any factor. Share them with your friends and show off the skills you can use when participating in this game at play Gogy2 xyz. Players are not hindered by the speed of loading games or advertisements. Instead, the new games have brought gamers a lot of interesting things that they cannot miss. Our turtle is very brave. Move as fast as you can and pass the hardest speed this game requires you.

The list of new games is constantly being updated, and you have chosen your favorite game to relax now. We guide online game players to achieve the best results after stressful studying hours with loads of free games. What are you waiting for, don't join now? Use your skills and fly in the sky. Other similar games are waiting for you like Adam and Eve: Snow and Jom Jom Jump

How to play: Use left or right arrow keys or tab to screen to move

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