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Play GamePlay: is a fantastic and unique .IO game at 2 player gogy games. This is an excellent opportunity for training mindfulness. Here, you can compete with casual players from anywhere in the world and you can play along with your best friends. The main goal .io is to quickly find and click on the number specified at the top of the screen. The game ends as soon as the figure 80 drops out.


Start the game to play with a random group of people, or you can play with a friend in any way. On the screen, we have numbers from 1 to 70 mixed having various sizes and styles. The game at gogy for kids is simple, the players have to click on the numbers in increasing order, starting from 1 until the end of the game, the one who found a number first and clicked it receives points. This might sound easy, believe me it is not, you have to be very fast. Be careful to be able to hunt the next number, including having to think about the future. Some numbers provide you with special bonuses such as a bonus score, or even a reduced score to other players. 


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Controls: The left click to choose a number.


★★★ Features ★★★

★ Kids friendly

★ A fun number-finding game

★ Customizable avatar

★ Play privately with your friends



If you found next number you may keep a mouse over it and click when it needs to be found.

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