Adam And Eve: Sleepwalker

Rate: 76.7% | 3.8/5 (6 Player)


Adam And Eve: Sleepwalker GamePlay:

Have you ever heard the Adam and Eve series? It's so funny and lovely, right? Do you want to discover the fun? Don’t think anymore! Join Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker at gogy 2 free and show off your talent now! The game is an exciting and adventurous journey of Adam who wants to escape from Eva's labyrinth in any way. However, Adam will face many difficulties and challenges to solve all these puzzles.


Just like the previous games, you will not get any help, instead, you have to solve all the problems by yourself. In addition, you need to pay close attention to the surrounding objects because they are important clues to help you overcome each puzzle. Especially, you also don’t have any the limited time, so you can think carefully before giving a decision in the game at Gogy 2. So, before you start each puzzle, you need to look carefully at a whole and find the important clues to link them.


In addition, you also need to move the obstacles that obstruct your movement by clicking on the icons on the screen. A good tip for you is to click on all the objects on the screen if you click on the correct objects, they will move or stand still when you hit wrong. You don’t have to worry too much because you only have a number of items in each level. Don’t miss chance to explore more with Bob the Robber 4 and Snail Bob 2 at


Controls: You can play the game by using the mouse in the computer.