Adam And Eve 7: Adam The Ghost

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Adam is a naughty man and he will use different objects in the game Adam And Eve 7: Adam The Ghost at Gogy 2 scare the characters at each level. It is great if you solve the puzzle in the game. The first level will make you feel simple and easy. However, you need to be smarter in the next level and complete your mission to help Adam win. These are definitely situations that you can hardly recognize if you are not aware.

The answers are hidden in the phenomena that appear at each level. Can you solve these puzzles in the shortest possible time? Sure your friend will find this game extremely interesting if you share with them at There are many new challenges constantly updated through the levels. If you cannot get over, use these gaming tips to get the last answer when joining this online game.

We constantly update new games and help players participate in online games without being bothered by the ads or load speed game. Are you ready for all the challenges that this game is about? Relax and answer the questions of the situations most accurately. This will definitely be your pleasure when completing them.

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Controls game: Use the left mouse button to click and the phenomena that you think will help you solve the puzzle in each level with the shortest time.

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