Three Lines

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A total of three lines with different colors are waiting for the best players to conquer the world of bouncing balls in this Gogy 2 unblocked for kids with a gaming option called Three Lines. There are three lines: the blue line, orange line, and yellow line. You will notice right away that the balls with different speeds move separately as they bounce up and down the paths.

It's the goal to target all balls possible on all lines at the same time, but without letting too many touches the ground. The interesting point of the game targets the multitasking skill of the players because there are a lot of movements on the screen. Keep in mind that once 8 balls fall to the ground, your turn will be over. The more balls you can capture using the white targets, the more scores you have at the end of the game.

Moreover, this is an endless game from the website of so that you can keep trying to progress as long as you can keep the ball on the air. Another good option for you to select if you enjoy this version of free game is to take a chance with games like Fishing and Lines or Smart Soccer. Only the players who can excel at keeping the balls on air without a hitch will be able to stay in the game for a long time.

Don't let your effort go to waste because of just this one-time failure! Colorful graphics with smooth floating movements for the balls will be the two main features for the design of this game online. Are your hand and eyes coordination good enough for this fast-paced arcade game? Let's check it out and get some practice from the easy part to the hard one!

Instructions: Click on the balls using the mouse or tap on them.

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