The Loud House: Germ Squirmish

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On Gogy, you are going to have a day filled with one awesome game after another, such as The Loud House Games category and we are sure you will enjoy it. Germ Squirmish are the name of the new game, where Lincoln needs your help to clear the Galagie family home of any germ and insect. Enjoy!


We don't know exactly what happened, but the house if filled with germ and your missionin this game is to destroy them. You  must destroy a very big number of germ in a limited time in order to win and go to the next level. Don't run out of spray.


You begin by choosing one of the 3 battles. In Squirm Off battles, you must kill one trillion germs before time runs out. In Squirm and Protect battles, you must protect the house by not letting three rooms get infected. In Basement Blitz battles, you must last as long as possible in the basement. Now, move with the arrows, and use the spray with the spacebar. Collect cans to top your ammo and bombs as well, which are very useful. In this game at gogy kids Games, if you get a gas mask, you are safe from the germs. We wish you good luck in your fight against the germs and have a great time!


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Use the arrow keys or Space to controls

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