Swarm Queen

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Swarm Queen GamePlay:

Swarm Queen at gogy free online is a challenging single-player real-time strategy game in which you must battle for supremacy using your spawn of alien creatures. In the game, your main objective is to get your minions to bring you food you require to grow.


This game is great fun, with 21 different units, fantastic gameplay and interesting strategy mechanics! This game offers a single player mode - You will be watching over your AI controlled minion army. In the each battle at gogy com 3, you must take out the opposing swarm queen and try to conquer the planet. 


Work your way through each level and build up a strong force that can adapt to overcome almost any problem it may face. Your strategy will focus on creating your swarm, mutating your eggs, and spitting some toxic goop on the battlefield.
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☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆ 

☆ Different units to be used

☆ 2 difficulty options

☆ Funny dialogues between the mother aliens



The left click to spawn units

A/D or drag left mouse button to move the camera

Press Spacebar to skip dialogues and fast-forward time

{1-5} to spawn an unit

Click the gear icon in the top right to pause, restart, exit, or review the current level details.

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