Sketchman Gun

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Sketchman Gun is a hand-drawn game in which you are sprinting through levels leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. You are armed with only a gun. Keep moving forward whilst shooting and jumping over objects that are in your way. Your mission in this game at  is to run as far as possible. 


In the game at gogy Games for boys, different obstacles will be on your way like boxes, mines and enemies that will shoot at you from everywhere. You must either avoid them or destroy them by shooting or throwing knives. Besides, do not forget to collect coins during the way (Because you can improve your character for them)y. Attempt to survive as long as possible in this game as the level will continue to become more and more difficult and even more frantic. Keep trying and practicing to smash your high score. Let nothing stop as you upgrade your arsenal using coins you collect in each attempt. Good luck!


Give it a good shot! If you think that our games are cool, please play more different good ones. Comment and rate them now. Enjoy more great games at like GunBlood RemasteredDon’t be afraid! 



◉ A cool action game with beautiful sketch graphics

◉ 2D side-scrolling view

◉ Smooth movements

◉ 4 buyable upgrades



Left click the left or right screen to do an action

Press Space bar or W to jump and press twice for a double jump

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