Shadow Trap

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Shadow Trap GamePlay:

Will the traps crush the cube in the Shadow Trap game? Move quickly or slowly depending on the distance between the black traps to complete the mission and win this new game at Any player can join the game and practice the skills that friends have shared. The moving tips are useful in the game. If you see traps moving slowly or high above, pass each one to limit being crushed. The movement speed will help you adjust the distance and win this hard game at the next levels.Clever handling helps you survive and go to the end of the journey.

Each player has a new way of joining and sharing with friends in his spare time to win the game. Players are not annoyed by the appearance of advertisements in free games. Do not get crushed whether this is your first time participating in the game or the next time. We continually enable players around the world to overcome challenges with different game content. The number of black traps is increasing. They can crush you whenever you join the game. Many players have won this journey. Share your gameplay if you like this game in the world of Gogy games.

Our list of new games is constantly updated on each topic. Game players can be ready to join at any time without spending much time searching. The game updates are completely new and different from the familiar websites that you have ever participated in. We are always working hard to update a lot of new games every day. Some similar games for you on the journey like Cartoons Five Diffs and Children Games. Don't forget to join us.


Use the left mouse button to move, release the mouse button to stop and bypass obstacles

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