Rate: 100% | 5/5 (2 Player)

Play GamePlay: is a kind of multiplayer platformer game at gogy unblocked. a new breakout game where you live life - As a salmon fighting a relentless battle to swim upstream. Try to pass as further as possible! Have a great time!


Play casually in realtime with thousands of others around the world, or push yourself to swim further than any salmon has swum before. To pool, overcome hurdles by leaping from pool. Beware strike eagle attacks from the sky and giant bears looking for their next meal. Did we mention the wolves?


The at goggy games is rather simple. You control a fish and your mission is to have to pass all the obstacles on your way such as ponds, eagles and other wild animals like bears and wolves and swim to the destination safely. Points in Salmonz io are given for the salmon eggs - red dots in water, and the one who collected the most is the best player.


This game has unique graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children. The rules are simple, this game is neither against other players nor cooperative game. Just feel yourself a part of salmons crowd. We hope that you will have the victory. Play other games including and game at Share them with friends. Leave comments on our website and rate them highly. You can experience this game on your browser.



  • Mouse - Move
  • The left click - Flap