Robot Wars

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The new duel between the best fighters in Gogy for kids will be the one that you need to pour the best of your ability into to win. Not only is this game of Robot Wars will test your fighting skills but the maneuver technique will be crucial to winning it as well. Among our newly added games, this remains one of the most popular recently thanks to the magical gameplay. Let's start learning the moves and make the best of your fights.

The goal is to win all the matches using your offensive ability as well as your painting ability so that you can create the most efficient moves. A very cool thing is that this game allows you to change the background to a new one whenever you want to. First, learn the possible moves that you can create using the chariot and your hand-drawn. You can draw a chariot using your finger and use it to give full play to your character and get the winning title.

Or you can choose a random way of attack that you can think of. As long as you can draw out and map out the moves and diverse attacks, the characters will move along. Keep on fighting and drawing to create the most efficient attacks that cause a wide damage range. This game is a good combination of puzzle game and action game as it requires both your drawing and problem-solving skills as well as the strategy to deliver the best actions.

If you can win as many fights as possible, your scores will easily be on the top of the board. Let's conquer more fabulous fighting games such as Garden Tales from! How to play: Click and use the mouse to draw, or use the finger to draw on the mobile and tablet.

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