Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore

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Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore GamePlay:

Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore is a survival game in which you get lost in a classroom ruled by alphabet monsters. You will transform into a letter character to join other characters in performing missions to escape the room. All letters of the alphabet can become a character for you to choose from! You can choose from any letter of the alphabet to become a character! You can be a naughty P, a slow Q, or a curious Y who always asks, "Why?"

Get ready to take on the challenge that this game has sent to you and explore the world of other similar games in your spare time that you can hardly ignore like Rainbow Friends Jetpack  at Gogy2 games online. Each game has its way of joining and decoding.

Controlling key:


Use joystick to move your character

Tap the "box" button to hide from the monsters in the alphabet

Collect items to complete the mission

Run as fast as possible! No more time for you

Don't let the monsters catch you

Cooperate with other players to get through the levels easier