Gold Miner

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Gold Miner GamePlay:

Gold Miner is an absolute classic game at  

Gold Miner at gogy online games is a very fun game of skill and short-order thinking. All kind Gold mining games and play free gold miner online, you get paid cash everytime you collect a gold nugget, rock, diamond, or mystery bag. Mining big nuggets takes longer but has a higher payout usually worth the effort.


One of the tricks you have to do pull off in Gold Miner, is to toss dynamite at whatever your currently pulling up by pressing UP - This will save you time. If you grab a large rock you don't want, you can also buy items at the shops between levels so keep an eye out. Have a good time use a big yellow crane to dig for gold and jewels. 


How to play? 

Down Arrow to Drop claw 

Up Arrow to toss dynamite