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Pie Realife Cooking is a making-food game at gogy new games. You have a knack for making pies, and you are going to make a fruit pie. It will be definitely savory. In the game, you are provided ingredients and kitchen utensil. You will become a chef who is good at making dessert. Enjoy!


This game is like a paradise of cakes. You are comfy to cook new foods or conventional dishes on. Go to your kitchen and create the most delicious pie. In the kitchen at gogy Games for girls, you are equipped with a full-option cooking utensil.


Your favorite is fruit pie. You have a knife and a cutting board. Firstly, you have to slice a pineapple. Bowdlerise the leaves and bottom of the pineapple. Cut the pineapple into 6 slices and put them on a plate. Similar, cut an apple into 16 slices. Slice an orange: Remove the leaf. Cut the orange into 12 slices and put slices on a plate. Cut 2 kiwis: Cut each kiwi into 6 slices. Peel a banana. Cut it into many slices. Cut 3 strawberries into 12 slices. You have also 4 grapes. Cut them into slices at in frive games online.


Each kind of fruit will be put in one separate plate. The cake is made from flour. Put slices of fruits on the cake. Choose some your favorite fruits, or just put all slices on it. Then, turn on the stove and bake the cake. Finally, you will decorate the cake with cream, candy beans, and chocolate tiny pieces.  


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Use your mouse to play.

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