Pet 5 Diffs

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Pet 5 Diffs is a Spot The Difference type of puzzle game where players must find differences between two otherwise similar images. Try to find differences using your hawk eyes and tap that otherwise use the hint. Saved time will give you an extra bonus score. You can try free online at Gogy2 school games.

Cute and varied pets will meet you in the Pet 5 Diffs levels. You will receive two pictures on each of them, in which you need to find five differences. There will be no timer, but in the upper right corner you will find the amount of four thousand points, and while you are looking for differences, twenty points will be removed every second. When you find everything, the remaining points will remain yours. Therefore, you will have to hurry. And if you click on an area where there are no differences at all, you will lose as many as one hundred points. Be attentive and fast in Pet 5 Diffs. The game has sixteen levels.

Look for:Bird Sort Puzzle and Insect Exploration.

Instruction to play: Use mouse or touch pad to play this game.

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