Office Kissing

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Kiss is one of the expressions of love between couples. When they love each other, they always want to give each other sweet kisses everywhere. This will make them feel more comfortable and happy than anything. However, not everyone wants to witness and accept this of the couple. With context in a workplace in Office Kissing at Gogy 2, you and your partner are working together.


You really want to give him a sweet kiss to empower him. You believe that it will help him finish his job in the best condition and eliminate the stress in life. However, your boss doesn’t want to witness this scene. Your boss always seeks to observe and criticize whenever you take other actions while working. How do you motivate your lover in the workplace at Gogy?


Haha! You can create secret and sweet kisses behind your boss's back. Whenever your boss doesn’t pay attention to you and him, you can give him secret kisses. As soon as your boss returns, you must stop acting immediately or you and your partner will be fired. In particular, your boss is extremely intelligent and hard-tempered, so he often comes back to surprise and follow up on any of your actions.


To avoid the look of your boss, you have to act fast and in the right time. Let's make fun in the hard working environment in your way! If you want to play more in this game genre,


Instructions: Play the game with the mouse on the computer.

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