Moving Up

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Moving Up GamePlay:

Moving Up is a perfect combination of action and puzzle game which receives a lot of interest from players around the world at Gogy2. However, you need to have many skills to conquer this game. This game requires some skill, such as ingenuity, observation, meticulous control and computational skills. This game is divided into 2 main models : Endless and level. With each model, the game will give the player a fun and unique experience. So, you should play both models to discover many great things.


As you can see, a ball is placed on a horizontal bar. This will create an imbalance while the ball moves if the bar sinks to the sides. The ball will fall to the deadly hole when the crossbar is out of balance on the way. Therefore, your biggest mission is to control a horizontal bar wisely and help the ball reach to hole on the screen at gogy online games.


Warning! This is not an easy task because the bar is very easy to lose balance and push the ball down the thorns below. Note that, the level of difficulty of the levels will increase significantly, so you have to control the ball slowly and towards the destination.


Also, at higher levels, you need to avoid the ball falling into the surrounding holes because they will cause you to have to play again. You should remember that there is only one objective hole that has spikes around. Explore more with Run 3 and Rabbit Jumps at


How to play? Control the horizontal bar by using the mouse.