Love Pins Save The Princess

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Love Pins: Save The Princess is a fun rescue puzzle game on Gogy for kids. Solve puzzles, destroy monsters and save the princess. Challenge your brain, use your imagination and try to solve puzzles in as many ways as possible, it will be fun! Come join us and become the hero who saves the princess instantly and keeps your brain alive!

Join the adventure in Love Pins: Save the Princess, a thrilling puzzle game where you must use your skills to rescue the princess from the monsters. Put your brain to the test and try to solve the puzzles in the most creative and fun ways possible. With multiple levels to conquer, you’ll have plenty of challenges to keep your mind sharp and entertained. Become the hero and save the princess now!

Join your friends or join the game now to have a chance to test what your brain is at. What are you waiting for, join a few other similar game genres Hats Mahjong Connect and Space Shooter.

How to play: Mouse or touch!

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