Jumper Starman

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (1 Player)


Jumper Starman GamePlay:

Jumper Starman is a pixel art game from Gogy2 free online collection with the classic platform, colorful old-schooled styled graphics, and lots of interesting challenges on each stage. Our main character, the Jumper Starman has fallen to the Earth and ended up with a satellite, which makes it hard for him to get back to his rocket.

He is desperate to return to his home planet, therefore, we need someone who can manage the moves well and know how to maneuver the way through these tough obstacles immediately! A total of six different environments are the challenges set out for you and your Starman, each with its special layout and different enemies of all kinds.

Time is also of the essence as you need to complete the stage before the time runs out and you can't jump up anymore. The rule is to use your flotation skills, jumping techniques, and hopping abilities wisely with the goal to lift the rocket before its capacity runs out.

Gas and oil are the must-haves for this rocket to function, therefore, reach the destination before these two elements run out as well. There will also be some stars floating around on the route that you are on, therefore, be sure to keep an eye on them for collection. More and more enemies will show up when you reach a higher platform, but make sure that you can complete the final goal of reaching your destination safely.

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Instructions: Move and jump using arrow keys, float using the spacebar.