Hungry Bob

Rate: 90% | 4.5/5 (4 Player)


Hungry Bob GamePlay:

Your task in the Hungry Bob is just to click the screen and hold the mouse to release the little balls so that they can fall into Bob's mouth. Each ball that Bob eats is equal to one point. Then, the more balls Bob eats the more points you will receive.


Here at gogy games games, the eaten balls will reappear in the game. But the thing is, sometimes, you can’t put all the balls you have released into Bob's mouth and the missed balls will be deducted. At worst, if Bob eats nothing after releasing, you lose the game and have to start over again. So, how can you control the thing? You need to determine when the perfect time for clicking is and how long you should hold your mouse.


The character Bob will constantly spin round, then keep your eyes to observe carefully and take precise action. The game offers you 40 levels. You can pass a level when you reach a certain score. Do your best to pass all the levels and set the highest score. And as you progress in the game, you can buy more balls and you need pay for this with your score. Enjoy your time!


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How to play?

Use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap on the screen if you play it on the mobile phone.

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