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Hextetris brings about a new version of Tetris that will be quite a surprise for the fans of this puzzle game spin-off. You will complete the tasks of arranging the hexagon pieces and filling them into a bigger frame. The special part of this Gogy puzzle game is that you will be putting the pieces into a huge hexagon-shaped frame as well. If you are a hardcore fan of the puzzle game genre that required a bit of adaptation, this one will definitely hit the spot.

A compound of matching games and the puzzling game will make the highlight points of this free game. While you are trying to place the pieces to the right lanes and corners of the frame, make sure that the sides that contain similar-colored shapes will also match. If you manage to fit the right sides together, they will automatically be removed from the current board.

The more set you manage to gather, the higher your scores will be. If you are excited about this game, why don't you take a detour to another puzzle game like Halloween Idle World from our collection at https://m.gogy2.xyz/ later? Lots of unique features and unique controlling key sets will be available for your usage.

This game allows you to play on both PC and mobile, therefore, it's suitable for playing anytime, anywhere. A tip for you is that there will be some bonuses and boosters, as well as power-ups that can be helpful for eliminating some big blocks when you get stuck. Keep learning about the game's mechanism and get your game on with this online game without any hesitation!

How to play: Use the mouse to click on the direction on the screen, or use arrow keys and space bar to control.

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