FreeCell Blue

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FreeCell Blue Game at gogy 2 is a fantastic way to play one of the most iconic computer card games in existence – FreeCell. The clock is ticking! Try to get all the cards to the home base by stacking them from Ace to King. How quickly! Can you move all of the cards in the deck to the correct cells? 


In  this fun and challenging version of the classic card game at gogy online games, play as fast as you can. The same basic rules apply, you have to stack 4 different suits: Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds from Ace right through to the King. Enjoy challenging your mind and perseverance. 


As usual, during the game, you must try and filter through the random cards placed at the top of the board to pick out numbers that you require. Try to complete the game as quickly as possible. How many times you can conquer FreeCell? What is the fastest time you can register for this timeless classic? Have a good time!


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✔ Free to play

✔ Blue board

✔ You can see moves and time taken to complete a game

✔ You can redo moves


Drag the left mouse button to move a card.

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