Dragon Slayer FPS

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Are you scared of an enemy attack in the Dragon Slayer FPS game? This war will make you stronger and must survive to win. Destroy all the moving skeletons and dragons that appear anywhere on this land. Gogy 2 online has introduced this special duel game to many online players around the world. If you find them interesting, you can save it to a list of favorite games to join after every stressful hour of work or study. These skeletons will attack you anytime. Therefore, do not forget to observe all directions and shoot your enemies. Fire-breathing dragons and skeletons use swords to destroy you in this game.

Challenges in the game are constantly being launched. What are you waiting for without fighting with your strength? Score points and win every journey you pass in this game. Your new challenges are truly special. For each option, you participate in, try to overcome and win with the highest score. Different levels for you when you choose. Start with the easiest level to practice shooting and overcome your challenges in this game. We always facilitate online players around the world. Are you ready to overcome new challenges? http://m.gogy2.xyz/ always enable players to participate in new games with combat themes that you will not be bothered by the loading speed of the game. A new war has begun and you must fight to survive.

Try to overcome all challenges right now. Share and learn previous player experiences to complete challenges in the best way. This becomes special for any online player. Shooting game new version will allow you to explore the game space that you have never participated in. Move through different positions and destroy all enemies you see to victory before they attack you. Relax and complete challenges in this game with shooting games similar to Jet Boi and Orc Invasion


Use the arrow keys to move, left mouse button to shoots

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