Dots Pong

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There are so many games from different categories that you can find now. If you want to play a simple but enjoyable and challenging game or a game that helps you relax and brings you a great moment, then let’s give Dots Pong a try. This oggy 2 game free onlinegame is simple from the graphics, design to gameplay.


You have 5 balls on the screen. They are white and black. You play ping pong using these two colors. Two different colored balls on either side and a ball can change color in the middle. The ball in the middle is bouncing from side to side. Your mission at gogy Games for girls is to match the color of the balls in the both sides with the moving ball by clicking or tapping.


Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? However, as the game processes, the difficulty increases as the moving ball gradually speeds up. You have to act fastly to change the color of the target balls. When ball’s color is the same with the balls on two sides, it will bounce or you will lose and have to start the game from the beginning.


Let’s check your response limit and see what your highest score is. You can play with your friends to have more fun. At, many interesting games are waiting for you to explore such as Rotare. Enjoy!


Controls: Clicking or tapping to match the color.

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