Cute Kitty Care

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Cute Kitty Care GamePlay:

Cute Kitty Care game at www gogy is a cute and simple game that is suitable for all ages, especially kids. With the simple gameplay and lovely sound, I believe that you won’t feel disappointed when playing this cute game. The game is about a miserable cat that is seriously injured and needs your help. The cat looks terrible with many infected wounds and bacteria everywhere. Your task is to take care of the cat carefully and help it recover the wound.


Here, you have many different tasks such as cleaning, haircut, medical examination, injection, feeding and selection of eye-catching costumes. For each task at gogy unblocked, you simply follow the instruction indicated by the arrows on the screen.


First, you need to shower the cat with a bath, remove harmful bacteria and dry its coat. Next, you need to cut the hairs, cut the toenails and clean the ears of the cat. Then you need to examine the cat, measure body temperature and give appropriate medications. The cat looks pretty badly injured, so you need to give him special antibiotics to treat the cat. Don’t forget to let the cat eat nutritious food and make it healthier. Finally, an important task for you is to choose and combine the costumes for the cat.


Also, you don’t forget to combine the accessories to make the cat look more beautiful. Play more with Princess Pet Studio and Cute Moe 2 Dressup at and share them now!


How to play?

Take care of your cat by using the mouse on the computer.

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