Crazy Stunt Cars

Rate: 96.7% | 4.8/5 (12 Player)


Crazy Stunt Cars GamePlay:

Crazy Stunt Cars is an iconic and fun driving game at Gogy2 kids. Show your driving stunts as you like. There are different kinds of obstacles for you to challenge, each vehicle has its own driving model, which gives the game unique gameplay features and gaming experience. You can enjoy huge open world and obstacle course and try out various different stunts.. Have a nice time!


Here on gogy games, choose from 1 of 12 different cars. Each vehicle looks awesome and handles fantastically too; the same goes for your own car setup, where you can play with every detail and adjust driving capabilities of your 4 wheeled love to your likings. In addition you can also customize each vehicle and change their color and style!


If you have chosen your vehicle, you can explore this vast desert landscape. Practice your racing and stunt skills! The goals of the game is to drive over immense ramps, go through huge loops. Try to show off your skills. There are no pedestrians or other vehicles so you can drive as recklessly as you wish!


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------ 12 awesome cars to play and a military Humvee

------ Desert with various ramps

------ You can wreck your car badly and repair it

------ Customizable car's performance, from wheels to headlight color

------ Many driving behaviors with assistants

------ Hud color that can be changed



- WASD or Arrows - Drive

- Space - Handbrake

- Press G or H key - Change car

- Press R - Repair car