Cannon Basketball 4

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Cannon Basketball 4 GamePlay:

In addition to the mission to clearly identify the direction of the ball in the Cannon Basketball 4 game, you also need to collect all the stars in this game. You can pass the level by hitting the ball into the basket. There are many different obstacles arranged in positions that you can hardly imagine when participating in the game. The player's task is to throw the ball in the most accurate way and collect all 3 stars to win the most perfectly.

Surely you will be surprised at this special journey when the balls move and do different tasks such as opening wooden bars to find the way to the basket or touching the stars that appear in each level of the game. We are constantly updating the latest sports that players can easily participate in their free time at free game Gogy2 xyz. Each game has different game rules and gameplay instructions need to comply so that you can achieve the highest score in your game by going through the challenges the game has set.

Don't hesitate to explore your world with different colors and gaming tips. You can create something special by playing basic instructions of the game. Stars will help you achieve your goals and top the rankings of the best game players today. Similar games with this sports game are also updated on our website like Defeat Your Friend Remastered and Find The Mummy. Are you ready for your journey?

How to play: Use the left mouse button and move until you want to throw basketballs in different directions until the ball can find the most accurate path and touch the stars that appear on the way

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