Camp With Pops

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Camp With Pops GamePlay:

Camp With Pops is a fun camping simulator online game in which you can learn the basics of setting up a tent, going fishing and doing some outdoor barbecue while feeling the fresh air and beautiful landscape. Here at jogos gogy, you just let the given activities take place in order.


The girl is going camping for the first time and she doesn't know how to put up a tent. But with her father's guidance, this job is no longer difficult. Then, let's make the scene become homelier with proper colors and some useful items like grill cooker, bench or colorful flower pot.


When the tent is completed, it's time to go fishing. Help the two guys find all the fishing tools and catch enough required fish. And from those fresh fish, the girl and her father will have a delicious grilled fish. Don't ignore the preparation before grilling the fish! After all, it's a happy camping trip for the girl and her father and hope you have a nice time here, too.


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How to play?

Follow the given instructions and use your mouse to interact with the game. Tap directly on the game screen to play on the mobile phone.

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