Bounce And Collect

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Bounce And Collect GamePlay:

Bounce And Collect promises addictive gameplay with unique rules and special mechanisms in the art of multiplying. The kids will get an offer with an engaging experience of collecting balls using momentum, gravity, and strategies of theirs. You can continue with more and more stages in this Gogy kid game after finishing the current one by increasing their number.

If you can release the balls on the right tubes and exponentially increase them using bonus areas, you will get the required number to pass the stage and even more. It's the multiplication factor of this game that brings a touch of math and brainstorming style to it. The final goal remains to gather as many balls as possible because the number of balls at the end of the level will decide the scores that you get as a bonus.

Pay attention to the green zones with numbers displayed. These will show the rate and multiplying indicator for the balls when they go through it. Another thing that is important in this game at is the red zone. The red zone shall indicate the number of required balls for your next passage to open. It's best to pick the most suitable route and think of the number of balls that you need in order to pick the right trajectory.

Would you like to get some friends and compete in this simple gameplay? To master the art of multiplying tons of balls will be quite a tricky task, therefore, learn the tips and tricks and discover your unique way! Other games like Emoji Match 3 will be good choices for you to spice up the gaming list a bit, so hit them up now!

Controlling keys: Click and drag the mouse to move the cup and release the ball.

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