Afterlife: The Game

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In Afterlife: The Game free online at Gogy2, you’re a ghost. You must complete a bunch of important tasks, before you can enter the afterlife. How many? A dozen! To be exact. The tasks involve a wide range of interesting and challenging activities. Each task is really a unique mini-game. Afterlife: The Game feels like twelve titles in one package.


In this 2D adventure at Gogy games for school, you play the spirit that lives in your afterlife and you have to navigate the ghost through a tricky platform puzzle. All the deadly tropes are here, from spinning blades to whizzing fireballs. The first level is much like Flappy Bird, you will press one button to fly higher, then let your character glide down as far as you wish. The one-button control scheme is easy to get used to. Winning isn’t easy, there’s a host of barriers like twisted tree roots and creepy spiders. One wrong move will result in death. However, your ghost doesn’t want to die again.


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◉ Fun and hilarious minigames

◉ Many levels to be completed

◉ Cool animations

◉ Entertaining message when you failed a level



Use the left mouse button to play

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