Africa Jeep Race

Rate: 86.7% | 4.3/5 (3 Player)


Africa Jeep Race GamePlay:

The most special jeeps will appear in Africa Jeep Race at Players train their driving skills through different positions and overcome all challenges without being bothered by advertising. Other players also join this game with you if they want to join a race to see who is the final winner with the highest score. Use the points you get to upgrade the latest cars and speed up on the track to win against your opponents.

The races always give you unexpected challenges that you must be surprised in your race. The skills to move and control cars will help you in the play of racing games. Game tips will help you complete the game in the best way. Share with other players if you love this game at Googy racing game. All new games of different themes updated on our website are completely free. You don't spend a lot of time searching and still completing your part excellently.

Start our special game space today without being bothered by ads. Countless ways to play are updated if you join this game. You can completely participate in racing games and unlock as many tracks as possible. Don't let your friends win if you're familiar with your game.

We suggest some other games for you if you love racing games with different ways of playing and content such as Mad Town Andreas: Mafia Storie and Deadly Car Race. Crossing paths with skills drive your car today.

How to play:

1 player: WASD to move, T to get and use items.

2 players: Arrow keys to move, P to get and use items

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