Vehicles Simulator 2

Rate: 60% | 3/5 (2 Player)


Vehicles Simulator 2 GamePlay:

You have the opportunity to move around the city with the most basic driving skills when you join the special game called Vehicles Simulator 2 at With the player's car control, you can pass all the paths in the safest way and use your skills to enjoy this exciting driving game. Each of the different vehicles will have a special function and movement. You can choose your favorite car in shape or start your journey with the latest gaming tips you have chosen.

Save this game on your favorite game list and share it with your friends so they have the most relaxing space without being bothered by ads or game loading speeds like on other websites. Gogy2 racing games always give players games of different themes and suitable for each age of the player. You will not be bothered by any factor and also have opportunities to explore new worlds with your own abilities.

After choosing your favorite car, the player will move to the city and overcome all obstacles. Please follow the instructions in the most detailed way before you want to join this game to be able to win the easiest way after you know how to move the car. Be clever to complete challenges when participating in special games and other interesting games like Parking and Bus Simulator: Public Transport.

How to play: Increased gear: Left Shift, Decreased gear: Left Control, Enter/ Exit Vehicle: T, start the vehicle: F, lights= L, H, J, K, Q, E, reload scene: R, horn: B, hand brake: space, switch cameras: C, pause: P, manual or auto gears: O

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