Empire: Millennium Wars

Rate: 90% | 4.5/5 (4 Player)


Empire: Millennium Wars GamePlay:

Empire: Millennium Wars is an awesome MMO empire building game at  

It’s the new gold rush in space with Earth corporations flocking to Mars in a bid to get the biggest share of the pie at  

Life on the Mars is hard; Only the strongest will survive! Register for free. Start building your empire on your PC or mobile device. Take a glance at The Scale Of The Universe 2 and King Soldiers 4. Enjoy! 



----- Awesome MMO game set in Mars

----- Place various buildings to build your base

----- Various military units to train, such as heavy troops and tanks

----- Occupying other areas by expandable base

----- Can team up with other players' colony and fight others


How to play?

Use the left mouse button to play.