Slither Birds

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Slither Birds game at - a popular game around the world. The difference of this game is that you will have the opportunity to participate in a battle in the sky with a lovely character - Slither bird.


Before starting this game, I believe that you will love it so much because of the eye-catching graphics and lovely sound. Set in a vast sky, blue sky and white clouds, you will control a mischievous and brave Slither bird to explore everything. Here, you will have to perform two main tasks to complete the task. Your first task is to eat all the colored balloons in the sky. These balloons will have different colors and sizes. They will not appear in the same area, but instead they will appear scattered everywhere.


By all means, you have to collect more balloons to increase the size of the battle. You should remember that the more balls you eat, the bigger the size of the slither bird is. In addition, another important task for you is to attack the enemy. To destroy them, you just let them stab your head into your body. After they died, you don’t forget to eat mass of energy and increase your size in the battle.


Take advantage of every opportunity to live as long as possible in battle. If you want to play more with some similar games, check out Little Big Snake at  

Controls: Play the game by using the mouse in the game.

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